MC SW 1.6

Eccentric Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack that gets a reality check
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This time it's the slightly eccentric Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack that gets a reality check. Although this expansion pack features plenty of experimental vehicles and equipment, our aim (as always) is to make everything feel as real as possible - and that includes the hidden Nazi UFO!

Main Features:

- Go to war like never before with your choice of up to 16 new experimental vehicles, including:
- Horton Ho 229 stealth bomber
- Sherman with T-34 calliope rocket launcher
- T95/T28 super heavy tank
- Sturmtiger assault gun
- The British AW-52 jet bomber
- Wasserfall guided AA missile
- Natter rocket interceptor
- German prototype Rocket Pack

- Seven new weapons include throwable one-shot-kill knives, the Bren light machine gun, the Auto 5 shotgun, and the Mauser K98 grenade rifle
- Eight new World War II campaigns, including combat missions at a V2 research facility and Hitler’s hideaway, The Eagle's Nest
- All-new locations offer unique Battlefield experiences, ranging from nightfall in Prague to a winter battle in Norway
- Introducing British commando and German fallshirmsjägers
- All new textures for all maps, vehicles, uniforms and weapons
- Hand designed custom loader screens for all Secret Weapons of WWII maps
- Realistic sounds for all new weapons and vehicles

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